DHS Guidelines


Articles that can be disruptive to learning or are not related to the educational experience should not be brought to school. Such items include but are not limited to: hats, cameras, toy guns, knives and water bottles. Items that are confiscated by school staff will only be returned to the parent, at the request of the parent, or at the discretion of the administration. Items should be picked up in the discipline office. DHS will not be responsible for items left after 30 days.
Lap-top computers and other electronic devices may be used for educational purposes. Their use in classrooms is permitted only at the discretion of the teacher. Failure to comply will result in the loss of the privilege. Wireless internet access is provided on campus through our school network. No other wireless access is permitted on campus.


Regular attendance at school is important for student achievement. Excessive absence is detrimental to a student’s educational progress; therefore, family trips and medical appointments should be planned during vacations or after school hours. Students are permitted 5 excused absences per 9 week period. In order to be excused, additional absences will require a doctor's note. As outlined in the Code of Student Conduct, regular and punctual attendance to all classes is required in compliance with Florida Statutes 232.0 232.09. Marion County recognizes excused absences in the following categories:

  1. Personal or family illness (if a student is continually sick and repeatedly absent from school, the student must be under the supervision of a physician in order to receive an excuse from attendance)
  2. Medical appointment (physician note required)
  3. Religious holiday
  4. Death in the family
  5. Approved school activity
  6. Financial inability
  7. Court appearance by student (Summons required)
  8. Absence which has been approved in advance by school administration

Any absence not specified above will be unexcused.

Students who are "unexcused" or suspended from school can make up missed work, but must submit upon his/her return to school.

Students who are absent from school may not attend extra curricular activities during that day or evening.


Riding the school bus is a privilege. Improper conduct on the bus may result in denial of that privilege. Only regularly scheduled bus students are to ride the school buses. Students are only permitted to board or get off the bus at their assigned stop. STUDENTS MAY NOT RIDE A BUS OTHER THAN THE ONE TO WHICH THEY ARE ASSIGNED.


  1. Students must eat their lunch in the cafeteria or patio areas only.
  2. Food and drinks are not to be consumed in the classrooms or hallways.
  3. Students are expected to use their best behavior in the cafeteria.


We ask that students or parents notify the guidance office immediately of a change of address or telephone number as such information is critical in the case of an emergency.


Student check-outs during the school day are permitted for the following reasons: personal illness, family emergency, doctor or dental appointment that cannot be made at a time other than during school hours, or to attend a school sponsored activity. Other reasons require administrative approval.

Parental contact is required at the time of check-out. If a parent is not present at the time of check-out, contact will be attempted via telephone. If the parent cannot be contacted by telephone, the student will not be permitted to check out.
Parents who come to campus to check-out a student should report to the clinic prepared to show a valid picture ID to office personnel. This procedure is necessary to protect the safety and well-being of our students.


Eighteen-year-old students who wish to become independent are required to have their parents complete a notarized form. Once completed, a student would then be permitted to check himself/herself out for the reasons listed above.


Students may be required to report to detention before school or after. Students must be on time for detention.

DETENTION TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER ALL OTHER ACTIVITIES. We will make every effort to give twenty-four hour notice concerning detention.



  • Students are expected to wear clothing and accessories in keeping with their gender. Undergarments should not be visible at any time.
  • Students are not to wear hats of any kind within the school building unless approved by the school administration for special occasions. "Hats" should be interpreted literally as "hats" or head-coverings and include bandanas, caps, sweatbands, visors, and similar hat-like apparel.
  • Boys’ and girls’ hair should be clean, neat, and well groomed. Extreme hairstyles and unnaturally occurring hair colors are not allowed in Marion County Public Schools.
  • Students are not to wear T-shirts, garments or other items with pictures, logos, phrases, decals, patches, emblems, or words printed on them that are obscene, offensive or disruptive. Examples of such include: nude/semi-nude figures; figures in sexually suggestive postures; logos of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or prohibited substances, satanic/occult references or gang identification.
  • Tops must be long enough to clearly overlap the belt line or stay tucked in during the course of normal movement throughout the day. Shirts falling below mid-thigh length must be tucked in. No bare-midriff shirts/blouses, sleep wear, muscle shirts, or tank tops are allowed.
  • Garments are to be secured at the waist. Shorts and skirts are permitted at all grade levels and must be mid-thigh length or longer.
  • Students are required to wear shoes for foot protection and for hygienic reasons while on school grounds or school sponsored transportation. Slippers are not permitted.
  • Jewelry shall be worn in a way that does not present a safety or health hazard or cause a disruption to the education process.
  • Wallet chains or dog collars are not be permitted.

Regulations in reference to grooming and dress for special activities such as athletics, fine arts, and drill team will be governed by the immediate person in charge of these activities under the direction of the principal.

Appropriateness and moderation in all things, concern for the health and safety of the students, and the avoidance of distractions to the educational process are the guiding principles of the student dress code. Styles and fads are constantly changing and cannot possibly be covered by specific rules and regulations.

The task of evaluating what is proper in the way of dress and grooming is highly controversial, and opinions among people vary. The individual schools will assume responsibility for ruling on specific items of clothing and general appearance for reasons of safety and health, or for the order, well being, and general welfare of students.

The Board authorizes school administrators to employ appropriate disciplinary procedures to carry out and enforce this policy.


Twenty-four (24) credits are required for graduation in the state of Florida. The minimum grade point average for graduation is 2.0. Students must pass the 10th grade Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) in reading. Other state requirements for graduation vary by grade. The guidance office can provide detailed information. The grade point average for participation in athletic and extra-curricular activities for all students is 2.0.


Guidance services at Dunnellon High School are designed to help the student understand themselves and the world around them. These services can be classified into four areas: APPRAISAL service (school wide testing); COUNSELING service (both individual and group); and PLACEMENT and FOLLOW-UP services.

Appointments are encouraged when possible. Conferences are held with students who have requested services or have been referred for personal or academic problems.

Any student who has a health problem or condition which might create an emergency situation at school should notify their guidance counselor in writing as to circumstances of the condition and provide parental contact information for use in the event of an emergency.


The Marion County School Board believes network access is an exciting opportunity to expand learning for educators, students, and parents. The fundamental goal of the network is to provide Marion County students and educators with equal access to the computing resources, which serve public education. Students at Dunnellon High School have the capacity to connect to the World Wide Web, electronic mail, and each other. With this opportunity comes the responsibility for appropriate use.

It is a general policy that the network will be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical and legal manner in accordance with the mission of the MCSB. Users acknowledge their understanding and agreement with Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines as a condition of receiving access. Failure to adhere to the Policy and Guidelines will result in privileges being suspended or revoked. In addition, school disciplinary action and/or appropriate action may be taken.

Further information about network access is available in the media center.


Parents are encouraged to call the school if they have health concerns regarding their child.

Our visiting School Health Nurses provide health counseling, health education, and assistance with medical referrals and necessary follow-up.

In case of a health emergency, "911" (Emergency Medical Services) will be called and if the parent/guardian cannot be reached, the person designated by the parent/guardian to call "in case of an emergency" will be notified.


In the event a child is injured during regular school hours, students must report the injury immediately. Any medical expenses incurred are the responsibility of the parents. The School Board of Marion county does not carry insurance on students. Parents are encouraged to consider purchasing optional school time or extended 24 hour student accident insurance, offered each year through an outside vendor, for a nominal cost. Additional information on this optional coverage is available on the district homepage or by contacting your child's school.


Lost articles should be reported to the Deans Office. With proper identification, articles which have been found and turned in to that office, can be picked up there. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR BELONGINGS, SO DON’T BE CARELESS. The school cannot be responsible for lost, damaged or stolen articles; however an attempt will be made to help students locate them.


The school media center supports the instructional program of the school in a variety of ways. Students are encouraged to visit and welcome in the library/media center. Please note that students who visit the library during class time without the supervision of their classroom teacher should have a pass.




If students take DOCTOR ORDERED medication during school hours, they must have the OFFICIAL PARENT AUTHORIZATION FORM completed and on file. A new copy of this form is required every three months for long term medications. NO medication is permitted to be given or taken without this completed form. Students are not allowed to keep medication in lockers, desks, purses, etc., or on their persons. ALL MEDICATION WILL BE KEPT IN AND DISPENSED THROUGH THE SCHOOL CLINIC.


Listed below are some of the rules that students will be governed by while at Dunnellon High School:

  1. General misbehavior
    • 1st referral = Detention, parent conference
    • 2nd referral = Detention or suspension.
    • 3rd referral =Detention or suspension.
  2. Cafeteria misbehavior, cutting line, disruption, leaving trays, etc.
    • Work Detail (clean cafeteria), detention, suspension or expulsion.
  3. Destroying or defacing school property
    • Provide money to replace or repair, detention, suspension, or expulsion (days depend on severity)
  4. Insubordination and disrespect
    • Detention, or suspension.
  5. Immoral conduct
    • Suspension or expulsion.
  6. Profane, obscene or abusive language
    • Detention, suspension (1-3 days).
  7. Theft or extortion
    • Suspension. Offenses will be reported to police.
  8. Organized effort to disrupt school or classes.
    • Suspension or expulsion
  9. Causing a racial incident
    • Suspension or expulsion
  10. Radios, CD-players, electronic pagers/beepers, cell phones, playing cards, dice, game cards which are seen or heard during the school day
    • 1st - warning, parent contact, confiscation, student pickup
    • 2nd - work detail, cafeteria duty, parent pickup
    • 3rd - OSS
  11. Any item not pertaining to the educational process is prohibited.
  12. Improper dress
    • 1st offense - get a change of clothing, get a warning and referral, parent contact
    • 2nd offense - get a change of clothing, parent contact
    • 3rd offense - suspension
  13. Tardies - per nine weeks at
    • 5th tardy - Referral to the Discipline Office for detention, work detail,
    • 6th tardy - Detention, work detail.
    • 7th tardy - work detail (3), parent conference, loss of parking privileges.
    • 8th tardy - work detail (4), parent conference, loss of parking privileges.
    • 9th tardy - removal from class until parent conference.
  14. Threatening and/or striking a teacher
    • 10 days suspension, arrest and expulsion
  15. Possession or being under the influence of drugs, narcotics or alcohol. - See School Board Policy
  16. Possession or use of tobacco - See School Board Policy
  17. Electronic pagers/beepers/cell phones, which are seen or heard during the school day
    • Automatic confiscation and possible disciplinary action. Items will be given to parents. Any Items not pertaining to the educational process is prohibited (playing cards, dice, game cards).
  18. Intimidation/threats/sexual offenses, fighting (report to law enforcement)
    • Suspension or expulsion.
  19. Parking lot violation
    • Warning, suspension of driving privilege on campus
  20. Skipping class / school
    • Work detail, cafeteria duty, parent conference.
  21. Leaving campus
    • Suspension
  22. Leaving class/office or failure to report to the office/destroying referral
    • Suspension until parent conference.
  23. Unprepared for class
    • 1st - teacher/student conference
    • 2nd - Confirmed parent contact
    • 3rd - Parent conference
  24. Out of assigned area/in unauthorized area
    • Work detail, cafeteria duty.
  25. Forgery
    • Cafeteria duty, suspension.
  26. People who are not enrolled at Dunnellon High are not to be on campus without a pass (including babies and small children) and will be asked to leave or call police.
  27. Students who return to campus while on suspension will be arrested. See ** Below for Board Policy.
  28. Weapons - Suspension, expulsion, and arrest.
  29. Cheating
    • Discretion of the teacher, Dean or Principal depending on the severity of the offense. work detail, cafeteria duty, Suspension (1-10 days)

**Students on "off-campus" suspension will not be permitted to return to campus for any reason. If a student is suspended, or absent on a Friday, he/she may not attend any school function scheduled to occur over the weekend. STUDENTS WHO ARE ABSENT ON FRIDAY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY DUNNELLON HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITY WHETHER ON OR OFF CAMPUS.


All football participants will pay $85.00. All other athletes and cheerleaders must pay an annual $30.00 participation fee. If the student participates in more than one sport he/she will pay a maximum of $85.00. STUDENTS MUST PAY THE FEE PRIOR TO BEING ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SPORT.


Class time is essential. Passes will be written at the discretion of the supervising teacher. Any student out of an assigned class MUST have the proper hall pass with the TEACHER’S SIGNATURE, STUDENT’S DESTINATION, DATE, AND TIME THE STUDENT LEFT THE CLASSROOM. Any student found in the buildings or grounds without such a pass, in a location other than specified on a pass, or off the most direct route to the class or destination, will receive disciplinary action.

STUDENTS WHO LEAVE CAMPUS WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE ADMINISTRATION WILL BE CONSIDERED ABSENT. ONCE A STUDENT ARRIVES ON CAMPUS, THEY ARE TO REMAIN. This includes in the morning before or after the first bell. Any student violating this rule will be subject to disciplinary action.


Classwork is to be made up within one day for each day of excused absence. Students must take the initiative to request make-up assignments from teachers upon their return to school and to complete this work within one (1) day for each day of absence except in the case of extenuating circumstances.

If a student's allowed make-up time extends beyond the last day of a grading period, students will be given a zero for the missed work. It is the students’ responsibility to meet with his/her teacher within the allotted time period to make up work missed. All make-up work turned in accordingly will be added to the student's grade and the final grade recalculated; however, if the student does not make up the work within the required time, the zeros will remain. Students have up to 3 days to bring in notes from parents for absences. All notes must be turned in to the Attendance Office.


100 - 90 = A

89 - 80 = B
79 - 70 = C
69 - 60 = D
59 - 00 = F


Copies of report cards and/or progress reports are given to students after each four and a half-week grading period. Once the student receives the report card or progress report, it becomes the property of the students and the parents. It need not be returned to the school. It is the responsibility of students to take report cards to their parents.


Restrooms are designated for student use throughout our campus. Students are permitted to use the restrooms at their own discretion before school, after school, during lunch and between classes. Students who must use the bathroom during class time are required to have a pass written by the teacher to whom he/she is assigned at the time of use.


Required dress for students includes red or black shorts and a grey or white shirt. Any combination of these colors is acceptable. Students must wear socks and athletic shoes. If students wear "sweats" or "warm-ups" in the winter, any color is acceptable.


The school publications and yearbook are not a public forum, but are a part of the curriculum and learning process at Dunnellon High School.


Dunnellon High School rules and regulations are based on the laws of the state of Florida, policies of the Superintendent and School Board, and the administration of the school. They are designed to promote the general health, welfare and safety of the student body and ensure the orderly and efficient functioning of the school program. A copy of the student code of conduct is given to each student and is accessible on this website.

Dunnellon High School students are to respect and follow directions of the instructional staff not only in the classroom but all areas of our campus.

When a teacher requires assistance with a continual or an immediate rule infraction, the student involved will be sent to the Dean’s office with a written referral.


The school store is located in building 1, Main Commons. It is open before school. You may purchase a variety of school supplies such as, notebooks, paper, writing instruments, binders, folders, computer disks, clothing and spirit items.


There are clubs at Dunnellon High School that render services to the school and community. These clubs are open for membership to all students who meet the academic requirements and are approved by the discipline office. TO PARTICIPATE IN EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES, i.e.: sports programs or clubs, a student MUST maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA. No club will hold a meeting without the sponsor present.


Parents are requested to use the loop in front of the school when bringing students to school in the morning or picking up students in the afternoon. DO NOT USE THE FACULTY PARKING LOT, STUDENT PARKING LOT, OR THE BUS LOOP.


Parking at Dunnellon High School is a privilege and is by permit only. You must have a DHS parking permit to park on the campus. Students must have a 2.0 GPA to purchase a permit. Permits are $25.00 each for open parking. Seniors may also have a reserved parking space. Parking privileges may be revoked if a student drives recklessly, uses excessive speeds, parks improperly, or in any way abuses the privilege of parking on campus. Students may not park in the faculty parking lot. Parking for OJT, dual enrollment and students who shadow is on the north side of the flag pole. A special parking permit is required to park there. Students must exit their vehicles immediately after parking, and must have a pass from the Dean's office to return to the parking lot during the day.


Your child may be asked to respond to surveys during the school year. If you do not wish your child to participate, please notify the school in writing.


Parents are encouraged to contact the school when there is concern about their child. Teacher/Parent conferences should be scheduled in advance through the Guidance Office for either before or after school hours.


STUDENTS MAY USE THE OFFICE TELEPHONES ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES. All arrangements for rides must be made before school, as Dunnellon High does not have the personnel to take non-emergency messages.


  1. Students are not permitted in areas where classes are in session during their lunch period.
  2. Students are not allowed in any parking lot during the school day. Students must leave parking lots immediately upon arrival.
  3. Students are not permitted to be in an unassigned area without written permission, for example, snack/coke machines.
  4. During lunch the following areas are off limits:
    1. Around the gym
    2. Vocational area
    3. Around the portables
    4. Baseball area
    5. Bus loop


To withdraw from school, a student must obtain a withdrawal form from the guidance Office. ALL TEXTBOOKS MUST BE RETURNED AND DEBTS PAID BEFORE TRANSCRIPTS WILL BE SENT.